Mongolian Chews

Hard Yogurt Chews for your dog.

UMMP llc.

Our Treats and Chews are

All-natural, No Preservatives

or Chemical Additives.

For a healthy happy dog!

All Natural For Your Pets

From Our Herds To your Home. All Natural Treats and Chews and Nothing Else!

Herders Choice

The right Choice for your Pet When only all Natural Chews Will Do!

From The Steppes of Mongolia

The Herds Graze freely on the vast plains
Puff and his blue bowl

Puff is the Inspiration behind our Company

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Our Products

Yogurt Chews 3 sizes available S, M, L

Our Chews are based on Traditional 13th century recipe Aruul that is still enjoyed today by the Mongolian people.

It is believed that Aruul is the reason for the Mongolian people’s strong teeth. 

Single Ingredient:

100% Cultured Pasteurized Organic Milk and Nothing Else! 



100% Cultured Pasteurized Organic Milk


Calorie Content (calculated) ME


Calories kcal /kg.                  2937kcal

Calories per 10g.                  29.37kcal


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein Min.                    50.0%

Crude Fat Min.                            5.0%

Crude Fiber Max.                         0.5%

Moisture Max.                           12.0%


*Not suitable for animals sensitive to milk products or have milk allergy.

Yogurt Crumble

The same as the Mongolian Chews in a versatile crumble form.

Use as a appetite stimulant -food topper to provide extra flavor vitamins and minerals. to food. Or Mix with warm water to form a paste*

*suitable for puppies and seniors.  

Premium Herders Choice Chews

A Herders reward to his most valuable friend entrusted to watch over his herds. A Dog is an integral part of the family in Mongolia.  Given when the Herder sacrifices an animal for the family’s food to honor the animal’s life, nothing should be wasted.  

Rich in rewards: hide, hoof, bone, and tendons, provides chewing calming benefits too.